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A transformation where service prevails over volume for sustainable impact

A united European community for a sustainable future with PACCT for sustainability

With the support of ADEME and our partners Michelin, BASF, Zuora and Johnston Circular, we are committed to redirecting traditional business practices towards service-oriented models that support ecological transition.

Join our European community to promote robust and sustainable business models together.

Here is what PACCT for sustainability offers you:
• Privileged access to knowledge and concrete feedback through our webinars. Engage your organisation and partners in a dynamic of innovation by leveraging our extensive and specialised network.
• A network of avant-garde actors committed to sharing best practices, activating collective intelligence, and workgroups to unite our community of interest at the European level.
Unique opportunities to identify and exploit strategic innovation levers and operationalise these business models. The creation of a collective white paper will increase the visibility of these models at the European scale, thereby strengthening their influence and recognition.

Join us in shaping a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE !
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