Welcome to PACCT for Sustainability

At PACCT for Sustainability, we are committed to being the pioneers of an economic revolution that places service and sustainability at the heart of businesses across Europe.

Our initiative aspires to bring together a European community focused on 'Product as a Service', thereby redefining market standards within the framework of a global transformation guided by the imperatives of ecological transition.

Our Mission

With the support of ADEME and the collaboration of strategic partners such as Michelin, BASF, Zuora and Johnston Circular, we strive to rethink traditional economic models. 

Our goal is to accelerate the sustainable transformation of our economy through the development of innovative business models  aiming at replacing volume and product centric offers by customer and impact centric services.

What We Offer

PACCT for Sustainability is an ecosystem of collaboration and learning. Through our series of webinars in 2024, we will share relevant insights into the economy of functionality, discuss best practices, and jointly discover the keys to operationalising these cutting-edge economic models.

Interactive sessions led by experts exploring different aspects of sustainable economy, from value proposition to governance and financing.

Workshops that bring together the most forward-thinking minds to co-create innovative and responsible solutions.
White Paper

A publication scheduled for October 2024 that will synthesise our collective vision and work, aiming to become a reference in the field.

Join the transformation

Membership in PACCT offers the opportunity to actively engage in reshaping business practices for a conscious and sustainable future. Register now to be part of this collective initiative and participate at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

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Get ready to step into the world of the product as a service with our different initiatives in 2024. Visit our registration section to become a member of PACCT for sustainability and begin a journey towards a lasting and meaningful impact.