WHO are we?

Our vision at PACCT for sustainability
At PACCT, we merge innovation and environmental commitment to redefine European economic models. Our goal is clear: to transform traditional business practices into sustainable, service-centred solutions rather than volume-focused ones. By integrating the economy of functionality at the heart of business, we aim to create a positive impact for both society and the environment
Our strength: the community
PACCT is first and foremost a collaborative community. Our conviction is based on the power of cooperation and shared knowledge. PACCT for Sustainability establishes itself as a crossroads where companies, experts, and innovative thinkers converge to exchange, learn, and co-create. Each webinar, workshop, or project, like our white paper, is a step towards an economy more adapted to the challenges of our time. Our mission is to support practices that not only prosper but also contribute to collective well-being.


At the heart of the PACCT for Sustainability initiative, we are united by the desire to shape a sustainable European economy. Michelin, Xarvio-BASF, Johnston Circular, and Zuora not only bring their expertise but also a dynamic of innovation that is the driving force behind our project.
With the support of ADEME, our alliance resonates within public institutions and benefits from a strategic framework for our actions. Together, we commit to promoting practices that combine economic activities and ecological responsibility, by continuing to develop services that are at the core of the transition towards a circular and robust economy.


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PACCT for sustainability

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