The PACCT for sustainability community

Our Purpose

Accelerate the sustainable transformation of our economy through the development of innovative business models aiming at replacing volume and product centric offers by customer and impact centric services.

Our Ambition

Create and animate the referent European community of companies, public institutions, banking corporations and research institutes sharing the same purpose.

Our Commitments

Provide our participants with access to structured and unique knowledge to fuel their innovation and explorations of new offers and business models.

Create connections between participants to accelerate knowledge sharing and mutual support.

Promote our ideas at a national and European level.

Our Objectives

We are a community of professionals united by the same understanding that environmental transformation of our economy is an absolute priority.

In July 2023, we’ve organized under the leadership of Movin’On and with the support of Michelin, BNP Paribas, St Gobain, ADEME, and BASF a unique event in Paris. We’ve federated 200 participants during one day to discover and start exploring further the business models focusing on customer and impact through services instead of product centricity and volumes. Feedbacks were very positive, and we decided, after this success, to continue animating this community.

This is why we’ve created the “PACCT for sustainability” project for 2024 and beyond. PACCT stands for : “Product as a service to Accelerate Cooperation and Circular Transformation”.

We have 4 objectives:
- Identify European initiatives that could relate to these business models.
- Support companies in the understanding, exploration and operationalisation of these models.
- Provide European Organisations (EC, TEG…) with improved understanding of how these models can fuel the Green Deal (taxonomy and CSRD).
- Create & Animate the network and the community. Make connections between participants.

In order to achieve those objectives, two initiatives have been launched:
- “Knowledge sharing” : webinars and workgroups in 2024 to provide participants with the keys to successful exploration and operationalization of product-as-a-service and other circular use and result-oriented service models in order to transform the environmental and social impact of the business.
- “European Coalition for Impact” : A collective White Paper that will be THE reference document on that topic for both companies and European institutions. This document will be published in oct. 2024.

Our Partners

Xarvio is a digital farming platform developed by BASF. Better oversight, less risk and more reliability for the planning and decision-making. Xarvio Digital Farming Solutions helps farmers make the most out of their fields and field zones. Simple and straightforward. Increase efficiency, save time, optimize crop production – all while contributing to sustainable agriculture.
The major upheavals the world is facing have strengthened the validity of Michelin’s “All Sustainable” business model. A model which is based on three inseparable criteria: the growth and development of people, financial and operational performance, and the positive contribution of the Group’s activities to the planet and its inhabitants.
Johnston Circular is a French consulting firm dedicated to accelerating the environmental transformation of our economy through innovative business models. François Johnston created this company in April 2023. He is the Former General Manager at Michelin’s Tire as a Service Business Unit.
The American company ZUORA is the leader in providing cloud-based software that enables any company in any industry to successfully launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business. Zuora’s purpose is to help people subscribe to modern ways of doing business – ways that are better for people, better for companies and ultimately better for the planet.

Declaration of intent (individual)

Our purpose is to bring together individuals and companies with a shared interest in product-as-a-service and other circular use and result-oriented service models. We form a community, under the name of “PACCT for sustainability”. PACCT stands for : Product as a service to Accelerate Cooperation and Circular Transformation. We are eager to explore and implement the business models and offers based on performance of use, consideration of our externalities and cooperation dynamics. Our shared ambition is to foster innovation and knowledge sharing for positive impact within our organisations and beyond. Together, we aspire to accelerate change towards a more responsible future.

Commitments :

  • I want to explore product-as-a-service and other circular use and result-oriented service models in order to transform the environmental and social impact of the business.
  • I want to encourage my teams to take part in the exploration and innovation associated with these business models and dedicate time and resources for such exploration.
  • I want to ensure transparency in the sharing of my experience and to garantee the confidentiality of informations within the community.

Should a participant fail to comply with this declaration of intent, the community is empowered to discontinue his/her attendance.